Happy Holidays - School Starts Back Monday 1 February  2016
A warm welcome to our learning community. We seek to provide the best teaching and learning opportunities for all our students.
Newbury School prides itself on its strong family atmosphere and values. We have a highly supportive and involved community who all desire to see our children reach their potential.  
If you would like to know more then please take the time to visit us or contact us. You can access key information on this website. We look forward to sharing with you in our learning community.

These students are celebrating their birthdays this week. We wish them all a very happy birthday.
Eva C
Thomas M-A
                     Rebecca C
                      Andrew McF

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Term 4 2015y
Thur       26 Nov    Kainui Athletics
Thur/Fri 3/4 Dec  Room 4 Overnight Camp
Fri            4 Dec     Assembly
Wed         9 Dec    Price giving
Fri          11 Dec    End of Term 4 - Lunchtime
2016 Term Dates
Term 1    1  February  -    15 April
Term 2    2  May         -     8 July
Term 3   25 July         -    23 September
Term 4   10 October   -    16 December
21 October 2015

At last night's board meeting a range of reports were tabled outlining progress on a number of initiatives to do with the teaching and learning of reading and maths as well as the whole school development areas of Te Reo and Tikanga Māori. Two achievement reports in relation to 6 year old literacy and Reading Recovery were also discussed. We would like to acknowledge the work the staff are continually undertaking to ensure our learners are supported and extended in their learning. There are a lot of events on this term which is a great opportunity for you to get out and support your children and celebrate in their successes at school. We look forward to seeing as many of you as possible involved in our summer sports, athletics, 3 way conferences and next week's Ag Day. 

Nick L, Juana, Matt, Tracey, Jo, Reegan & Nick R






The Newbury School Athletics Day will be held on Tuesday the 17th of November. We would love to see you there supporting your children who have been working exceptionally hard in class to improve their technique, strength and fitness so they can perform at their best.

A copy of the events rotation and an event map can be found in each classroom. These will also be available to you on the day.
We require eight parent helpers to assist in timing the running events and other management activities. We are also seeking four additional gazebos (for shade) and six chilli bins in which to keep the kids drinks cool.  
If you would like to be a parent helper, can supply a gazebo, or can loan a chilli bin please contact ScottB (room 6) or ScottH (room 4) before Monday the 9th of November.

If the event is postponed a notice will be posted on the Newbury website before 8am on the day. 

The postponement date is Thursday the 19th of November.
The school is now operating a Facebook page to enable up-to-date information to be easily shared with parents and whanau. Head over to http://facebook.com/newburyschool and like us now!
Monday 29 June
Food Bank
On Friday the 26th some of the charity team and some of room 7 went to the food bank to help sort out the food. We had to put cans of food, cereal, soups and some other little things. They had bags for families and couples and singles. 
Tennis Demo

On Thursday 25 June Kyle Butters came into school with Jono Spring to do a tennis demonstration. Kyle went to Newbury School as a year 8. Kyle is now ranked number one for his age group in tennis in New Zealand.  He is moving to university in America with a scholarship study.Kyle said and Jono explained that if you  want to do something then you need to set goals and follow  them. CLICK HERE FOR MORE...

Wednesday 24 June


The Room 5 Water Conservation group have designed a fridge magnet to remind people to stop wasting water. 

They plan to sell these colourful magnets for 50 cents each early next term. From Duncan, Ella C, Sophie k, Shaun, Austin and Riveen




Monday 30 March 2015 
Congratulations to our Easter Raffle winners, Georgia C from Room 6 and
Monday 30 March 2015 
Congratulations to our Easter Raffle winners, Georgia C from Room 6 and

Monday 30 March 2015 
Congratulations to our Easter Raffle winners, Georgia C from Room 6 and